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Frequently asked questions

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    • What is DMARC?

      DMARC allows you to tell inbox providers to quarantine or reject emails that weren’t sent from a trusted source. This is based on whether the email passes SPF or DKIM alignment, two widely adopted email authentication standards.

    • Should I use DMARC?

      Yes, employing DMARC is advisable to shield your domain against email spoofing, safeguard your brand's reputation from damage, and protect your business from direct financial losses, intellectual property theft, and similar threats.

    • Is implementing DMARC hard?

      Absolutely not. Utilize our complimentary online DMARC record generator to create a DMARC record and add it to your DNS in just 5 minutes. Begin receiving comprehensive reports within a day or two. This will provide a glimpse into the email activities associated with your domain. Following this, you can proceed to enact the quarantine or reject settings of DMARC.

    • What are the new requirements for senders in 2024?

      Yahoo, Google and other requires DMARC records now.

    • Is a DMARC record necessary?

      To implement DMARC monitoring, you must establish a DMARC record. This involves including an rua tag within the record, directing it towards the designated mailbox to collect DMARC reports. Moreover, to either quarantine or outright reject emails that fail authentication, it's required to publish a DMARC record on your domain with either p=quarantine or p=reject specified.

    • What is DMARC policy?

      The p= tag in a DMARC record defines the DMARC policy, which comes in three modes: none, quarantine, and reject. Email servers use this policy to determine how to handle emails that fail authentication.

    • Who sends DMARC reports?

      Currently, the majority of email service providers, such as Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo! Mail, and numerous others, are capable of sending DMARC aggregate reports. However, a significantly smaller number of ESPs distribute forensic (failure) reports, mainly due to privacy issues and the sheer volume of data.

    • I've set up my DMARC record but I still do not see any results...

      There is usually a delay up to 24 hours before the DMARC reports are received.